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Magic dancing water show

Magic dancing water show

Magic dancing water show

Magic dancing water show

Magic dancing water show

Duration: 8 hours

Location: Protaras

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Magic dancing water show

Almost every major tourist attraction in the world is promoted by a son et lumière (sound and lights) show that describes the history of that place as a background to an entrancing magical display of audio visual legerdemain. Surprisingly, Cyprus had none, till only a lustrum ago. The authorities soon realised the folly of not having a powerfully projected son et lumière. The location selected was its best area for night life, the Ayia Napa zone. Research has revealed that a sound and lights show takes away a reasonable chunk of tourists, so the exact site chosen was the unassuming mini-city of Protaras, a short drive from Ayia Napa, the world famous city of late night life. Map: Courtesy Google Maps

Protaras is easily accessible from anywhere in Cyprus. The map shown supra is the route from Paphos International Airport. Limassol and Larnaca fall en route. Cyprus's International Airports (Larnaka & Paphos) inform tourists subliminally, using prominent ads adorning whole walls! Tourists can a sneak peek of the show by grabbing a free brochure from the Information Wall in both airports.

This show has its own website, www.magicdancingwaters.com, so you can read up about what to expect. It has been awarded the 1st Prize in the European Innovative Theme Park Contest for its depiction of a real life volcano eruption, with its recreation of red and fiery real running lava, huge flames, reverberating rocks and hillside and balls of fire coming down from the volcano’s crater, set to an original music score by Vaggelis Papathanasiou. The volcano’s construction took four years and was created from 3D rendering of Etna’s active volcano shape with ash and grit transferred for realistic representation of colours and shape of the structure at the time of construction.

Bookings: It is prudent to book seats in advance, so you can get the best seats available. There are two types of bookings, the show as a standalone or the show and a meal. The prices for the standalone show are € 26 for Adults and € 15 for children above the age of three. These are unreserved seats! Seat reservations are available for ‘Show & Dinner” tickets only. These cost € 41 and € 25 respectively. If you intend purchasing a “Show Only” ticket, please note that the venue adopts a free seating policy which means that depending on availability you are free to choose any table and seat you like at the time of your arrival. Moreover, such reservations are valid until 20:30 on the day of the show. You must arrive at the venue latest 20:30, failing which, reservations are forfeited. There are two methods of payment when booking your tickets online; you can either pay at the Ticket Box or online via Paypal.

The buffet starts at 1930 hrs at the onsite bar cum restaurant. Visitors are welcome to the venue early so you have plenty of time to enjoy your dinner and drink before the show starts at 21:00. Please note that at 21:00 all lights are switched off. Drinks are to be paid for. The All-inclusive - All You Can Eat - International Buffet is laden with a variety of foods to choose from which will satisfy any appetite. Enjoy a wide selection of traditional Cypriot and European appetisers, or the Mediterranean favourite, fried sea-fresh Baby Calamari or a more eastern choice of roast pork with sweet chili sauce. Western Cuisine lovers have the special grilled and smoked BBQ spare ribs rack. Dessert is usually a sweet blackcurrant and raspberry panna cotta or a chocolate mashed biscuit finger cake. The buffet is suitable for the diet conscious, vegetarians and kids as well.

When you arrive, first get to the seats that are best, the central rows and tables nos 3,4,5 &6. Having settled in, move across to the bar and restaurant. Fill up and come back to your seat and savour your buffet in comfort.

The Show

The greatest show in Cyprus takes off with a bang. The one hour long Magical Dancing Waters extravaganza has to be seen to be believed. If just thinking about what makes it happen will leave you dizzy with expectation, imagine what reality could be, or what citizens of Pompey went through. Experience an evening of volcano eruptions, fire and smoke and laser shows. Sit back and relax in front of a 1,500 sqm pond and watch as the Magic Dancing Waters dazzle you – and all in the audience! – to the rhythms of Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Zorbas, Tango, Waltz, Tom Jones and many others. Behold the water dancing and whirling up to 12 metres (40 feet) high or making amazing pirouettes. The music, the waters, the lava, the lasers, the fires and smoke combined to produce a spectacular experience. There was a complaint that the music was disjointed, but that con was put right.

Behind the scenes, the Magic Dancing Waters crew are proud to be a part of the biggest such system in the world. During each show they are controlling 18,400 nozzles, 480 spot lights – in an array of colourful combinations – 162 powerful water pumps, four motors, four state-of-art computer systems, five smoke systems, two fire systems and two full colour laser systems. It’s all hands on the pumps for a systems overdrive that will have you on the edge of your seat. You are allowed to use cameras and video.

The organisers have Special Occasion Packages, detailed on their website.

Venue: The Magic Dancing Waters venue is beside the Kapetanios Hotel and McDonald's in Protaras.

  1. If seated in Rows 1 & 2, you will get wet on windy days.
  2. The presence of high luminosity and large number of light units might cause epileptic people to experience seizures or other similar symptoms. If you have experienced similar symptoms in the past we do not recommend that you sit in the first two rows.
  3. The staff takes drink orders before the show starts but you don't get your change till later on as they like to ensure you all have drinks.


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