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Kykkos and Aphrodite

Kykkos and Aphrodite

Kykkos and Aphrodite

Kykkos and Aphrodite

Kykkos and Aphrodite

Duration: 8 hours

Location: Kykkos Monastery and Aphrodite's Birth Place

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Kykkos and Aphrodite

In this journey conducted by us, Aphrodite Tours, we will go deep into the coniferous forests of the Troodos mountainous area. The Troodos National Forest Park covers an area of 9,147 hectares around Mount Olympus, the highest point being Chionistra (1,952 m) and the lowest, Moni forest (700m). It is an area of great natural beauty, renowned for its rich flora and fauna, with certain species endemic to that park. The region's rare geology includes a well-preserved ophiolite complex, created from oceanic crust about 90 million years ago. Elements of this complex can be viewed walking along one of the many Park nature trails. Troodos has three camping sites where camping is allowed for a small fee per overnight stay. Four Ski slopes are available in winter and is one of the major tourist attractions in Cyprus during the winter season.

We will then visit the famous Monastery of Kykkos, the richest and most lavish of the monasteries of Cyprus, which is in the Marathasa region. It is situated on a mountain peak, at an altitude of 1318 metres, northwest of Troodos. That peak is known by the name Throni or Throni of Panagia. The monastery was built in the Byzantine era and has great historical value. Dedicated to Panagia, it possesses a miraculous icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, painted by Apostle Luke the Evangelist. The icon, covered in silver gilt, is in a shrine made of tortoise shell and mother - of - pearl that stands in front of the iconostasis. There is a wonderful story about how the icon came here. Blessed with divine grace, Cypriot hermit Esaias miraculously cured the emperor of an incurable illness in the 12th century. As a reward, he asked for the icon of the Theotokos (Virgin Mary) that was kept at the imperial palace at Constantinople. The emperor reluctantly sent it to Cyprus with fitting honours together with funds to pay for the construction of a monastery where the sacred relic would be kept. At the hermit's request, the emperor’s representative in Cyprus endowed the monastery with three villages. Interestingly, the full name of the monastery is 'The Holy, Royal and Stavropegic Monastery of the Virgin of Kykkos'. It is one the places to see in Cyprus, and Aphrodite Tours always has an itinerary that includes this very impressive monastery.

Thereafter, we will proceed to one of the most unique villages of Cyprus –Omodos, a major tourist attraction in Cyprus. Once in the village, you will be highly impressed by the old village square paved ages ago with ancient pebbles. Around the square there are a lot of local coffee shops (kafeneia) frequented by old men with long mustaches playing backgammon! The ornament and true pride and joy of Omodos is the Timios Stavros Monastery dedicated to the Holy and Life-giving Cross. Legend has it that the Cross has miraculous powers, since a piece of our Lord’s Cross at Golgotha is embedded within. It is part and parcel of the religious tours Aphrodite Tours conducts. You will find many old icons painted by Russian monks here. The village is also famous for its excellent grapes and taste-bud tingling wine; wine aficionados can taste the local products on offer. Do have a look at the old wine press and the glass makers. This is one answer to the query of what to do in Cyprus.

This village was first inhabited, presumably at the end of the 12th century, at the turn of the Byzantine and Frankish periods in the history of Cyprus. Apart from the Cross, this temple supposedly contains relics of many saints, like John the Baptist, St. Panteleimon, St.Marina, the skull of Apostle Philip that is kept in a gold and silver-plated case shaped like a pyramid, and more. The Apostle reportedly preached and healed people. The village is also famous for its excellent grapes and aromatic wines; oenophiles can taste the local products on offer. Do have a look at the old wine press and the glass makers.

Our next stop on the most romantic place in Cyprus - the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, marriage and procreation. Interested persons can pray for expiation using the fresh water here. It is believed that these waters bring youth and beauty. Old timers say that if you manage to find a stone in the shape of a heart, then you will find your love; if you've already found it, it will remain with you for life. Aphrodite Tours always includes this romantic site in its programmed excursions in Cyprus.

You will have free time for photos and "rejuvenation" in seawater. Be very cautious of stepping into the sea, whose bottom is strewn with large pebbles and even larger jagged rocks. If you do enter the sea, ensure you have adequate protection for your feet!

Note: Lunch is not included in the price. While visiting churches and monasteries open shoulders and knees are not allowed! Visiting the museum Kykkos - surcharge and optional for our tourists. Wine tasting is included in the price. Lastly, do not forget to carry swimsuits and towels.


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Ivan Skornyakov
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I chose the Larnaca-Nicosia & St. Thekla Monastery trip offered by Aphrodite Tours. A practising Christian, I was amazed to hear about and see the resurrection of Lazarus as related with a personal touch by the guide. The Church of St. Lazarus was marvellous; part of the sacred relics of the Saint were discovered just forty odd years ago! Stavrovouni was breathtaking as was the small village of Meniko, where the remnants of the tomb of St.Thekla were kept. The story of Church Panagia Chrysospiliotissa in a natural cave consecrated in honour of Virgin Chrysospiliotissa was very moving. I’m glad I took this tour and I am grateful to Aphrodite Tours for this edifying trip.

Alexandra Chichikova
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My husband and I opted for Aphrodite’s Tours excursion to the Donkey Farm at Kelokedara Paphos. The concept is noble and the entire package wonderful. The local delicacies like sushukko washed down with Zivania warmed us up for the ride which was most enjoyable. The meal on return was delicious. The whole package was invigorating and exciting. I’ve framed my Diploma! Thank you, Aphrodite Tours, for suggesting this diversion.

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