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Cyprus nights and Safari on donkeys

Plate Smashing at Celebrations:
Plate Smashing is often seen in celebratory functions in smaller Bars and Nightclubs. In its earliest form, plate smashing may be a survival of the ancient custom of ritually ‘killing’ the ceramic vessels used for feasts commemorating the dead. The voluntary breaking of plates, a controlled loss, may also have helped participants in dealing with the deaths of their loved ones, a loss which they could not control. Breaking plates may also be related to the ancient practice of conspicuous consumption, a display of one's wealth, as plates or glasses are thrown into a fireplace following a banquet instead of being washed and reused.

Safari on Donkeys:
Aphrodite’s Tours includes an excursion to the Donkey Farm at Kelokedara Paphos, which has something unique to offer. All visitors will meet and pet the friendly foals before a demonstration and safety briefing on how to ride and control the donkey. Each rider is allotted an appropriate donkey based on his/her weight. The ride will take about 25 minutes, conducted under the supervision of professional staff to ensure safety and comfort of all. At the far end of the valley nestled in the hills the riders will find the ancient and abandoned 16th century Sindi monastery, from where they will return to a local feast. A diploma will be handed out to every participant who complete all the ‘tests'.