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Red Bus tour

Organising tours for large groups of visitors and tourists in the past had been a perennial problem in the small island of Cyprus, as the buses available were not suitable. In 2008, two Britishers in Cyprus came up with what was to become the biggest boon to tourists and locals alike in the haven for visitors: the eponymous British double-decker buses! These have to be open top buses as decreed by local laws. Aphrodite’s Tours also runs its own Red Bus service.

Operating from Ayia Napa, its excursions in Cyprus are limited to two widely advertised tours. The first is the Village tour where you get to see the surrounding areas near the resorts and also travel along the Green Line with its main features pointed out, each with its own piece of history. The second, the Famagusta trip is rated excellent. This trip gives you a couple of hours to stroll around the old town and take in the sights for yourself before leaving for a visit to the sealed off area of Varosha. In the 1970s, Famagusta was the number one tourist destination in Cyprus, with Varosha its piece de resistance. Sadly, Varosha is a dilapidated Ghost City today. Your guide will explain why.