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Organising tours for large groups of visitors and tourists in the past had been a perennial problem in the small island of Cyprus, as the buses available were not suitable. In 2008, two Britishers in Cyprus came up with what was to become the biggest boon to tourists and locals alike in the haven for visitors: the eponymous British double-decker buses! These have to be open top buses as decreed by local laws. Aphrodite’s Tours also runs its own Red Bus service.

We, at Aphrodite Tours know the legacy of this wonderful island nation and its heritage in total detail and spare no pains in planning our tours around this country. The island is so beautifully laid out geographically that many aims can be achieved in our excursions in Cyprus.

Aphrodite Tours conducts one, two and three-day pilgrimages to Israel. The one day pilgrimage is by air, Larnaca- Tel Aviv- Larnaca. The tour around the Holy Land is by a luxury coach and will touch all revered sites. The two and three day tours are by sea, leaving Limassol in the evening and arriving in Haifa early next morning. Then you will spend one full day in Israel, leaving Haifa late in the evening to return to Limassol the next morning. The third trip gives you two full days in Israel. The holy places that you will see will depend on the time factor. The full package includes visits to the places mentioned below; Regrettably, touring Israel for just one day compels us to leave certain sites out of the itinerary.

Plate Smashing at Celebrations:
Plate Smashing is often seen in celebratory functions in smaller Bars and Nightclubs. In its earliest form, plate smashing may be a survival of the ancient custom of ritually ‘killing’ the ceramic vessels used for feasts commemorating the dead. The voluntary breaking of plates, a controlled loss, may also have helped participants in dealing with the deaths of their loved ones, a loss which they could not control. Breaking plates may also be related to the ancient practice of conspicuous consumption, a display of one's wealth, as plates or glasses are thrown into a fireplace following a banquet instead of being washed and reused.

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